10 Habits to Avoid in the Workplace (from careerbuilder.com)

This is a reposting of some information from careerbuilder.com regarding workplace habits.  While it’s not “new,”  I thought it was good advice and so have quoted it verbatim below. ******************************************************* 1. Procrastination A lot of people work best under pressure, or at least they say so. With everyone having a different personality, you can’t say […]

Writing Professional Emails

In today’s highly techno-focused culture, we are becoming accustomed to the speed and ease of sending instant messages or texts as a way of communicating with others.  And, the use of emails in professional settings is ubiquitous.  Unfortunately, the style of writing often utilized in instant/text messaging seems to be gradually sliding into workplace/academic email […]

The Hunt is On! – Job Search Planning and Strategies for Students

As the end of the spring semester approaches, many students are searching for jobs, either for the summer or post-graduation. In this post, I provide some basic job search recommendations to Rowan students and alumni. Define Your Goals – The first step in securing a job is to decide what it is you want, both […]