10 Habits to Avoid in the Workplace (from careerbuilder.com)

This is a reposting of some information from careerbuilder.com regarding workplace habits.  While it’s not “new,”  I thought it was good advice and so have quoted it verbatim below. ******************************************************* 1. Procrastination A lot of people work best under pressure, or at least they say so. With everyone having a different personality, you can’t say … Read more

Writing Professional Emails

In today’s highly techno-focused culture, we are becoming accustomed to the speed and ease of sending instant messages or texts as a way of communicating with others.  And, the use of emails in professional settings is ubiquitous.  Unfortunately, the style of writing often utilized in instant/text messaging seems to be gradually sliding into workplace/academic email … Read more

Social Networking and “Safety”

Many university students (and faculty and staff as well) now utilize social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Xanga, etc. as a way to communicate with friends and family and build their social circles.  Use of online blogs (like this one) and instant update sites, such as Twitter, are also on the rise.  While such … Read more