News in the Age of the Internet

The cause/effect relationship between media presentations of news and public perceptions of what is or is not important has long been debated and researched in communication studies.  Various theorists and scholars, as well as media agencies, have proposed a variety of relationships between news media and public sentiment.  Media agents and organizations most commonly claim […]

College of Communication Colloquium Report

On April 27th, the CoC hosted a faculty/staff colloquium regarding “new media.”  Organized by Associate Dean Janice Rowan, the event involved six panelists from the college: Dr. Bill Wolff, Dr. Maria Simone, Dr. Ed Moore, Dr. Chandrasekhar Vallath, Dr. Joe Bierman, and Prof. Mark Berkey-Gerard.  Dr. Carl Hausman served as the M.C. for the session. […]