Pact5 Documentary Airs in South Africa

by Ned Eckhardt, Department of Radio, Television, and Film



Dear CCCA Friends,

We are excited to share that one of our Pact5 documentaries Slutwalk: A Day in Her Heels aired on Cape Town, South Africa’s Public TV Channel: CTV. They have a national viewing audience of over 2 million, and it aired twice on April 5.  CTV is the voice of the community in Cape Town. So, it is a great platform for the Pact5 message.

Pact5 is an on-going collaborative documentary project among 5 universities: Rowan U., Framingham state U (MA), Northern Illinois U, Western State Colorado U, and Cal State Northridge. Slutwalk was made by Rowan students Lauren Stroz (Producer), John Breitling (Director), Eric Cheavers (Camera and Editor) during the spring semester of 2013 in professor Diana Nicolae and Ned Eckhardt’s documentary production class.

PACT5 is a national movement to prevent sexual assaults and rapes in colleges. What is different about PACT5 is that it comes from the belief that the documentary form, when produced by students, can create powerful stories that can change potentially tragic behavior patterns. Students are the ones who can make a difference in the minds of other students.

This kind of humanitarian collaboration of five universities combining skills and resources to create social problem documentaries, and partnering with a non-profit national distribution organization, Clery Center for Security on Campus, is a new and innovative way to address societal problems. The five universities want to become a source of preventative media that young people, their families, relatives, and friends will listen to.

The seven documentary teachers and over 100 students who participated in this documentary project believe in the power of student storytellers to make a difference. Documentaries give students a voice that other students can see, hear, and relate to. The conversation to educate people about sexual assaults is growing and getting louder. You can also make the Pact now. We need each other more than ever.

Rowan University’s 89th Commencement Ceremony

Greetings Rowan University community! As we near the end of yet another successful school year, we are faced with goodbyes to our graduating senior class. This year’s 89th commencement ceremony has brought a lot of big changes for our campus and we want to insure that all of our students, faculty and staff are up-to-date on commencement information.

Please review the following information:

  • Graduate Commencement- Thursday, May 15th, 10 a.m.
  • Undergraduate Commencement- Friday, May 16th, 10 a.m.
  • Main ceremony location- Coach Richard Wackar Stadium*
  • CCCA secondary location- Esbjornson Gymnasium, 12 p.m.

*The main ceremony now requires tickets for entry. 

Ticket Information:

  • Students are allowed to reserve three (3) tickets to the main and secondary ceremonies.
  • Tickets can be reserved at
  • All tickets, for main and secondary ceremonies, must be reserved by Thursday, May 8th.
  • Once you reserve your tickets you will need to print them out. If you are not able to print them out when you reserve them, you will still be able to later (they will be on your account via the ticket reservation website).
  • Special needs tickets count towards ticket total for the main and/or secondary ceremonies.

If you need additional tickets, you may enter the online ticket pool on May 9th (no guarantees). 

Cap and Gown Information:

  • Caps, gowns and honors cords can be purchased on the second floor at Barnes and Noble at Rowan University, located on Rowan Boulevard. They will be available for purchase until May 14th.

You can find additional commencement information. including: locations for other secondary ceremonies, rain ceremonies and footwear requirements at 

Spring is Springing!

Photo by Alejandro Mallea

The official first day of Spring is March 20, but there are already signs of Spring all around the College of Communication and Creative Arts.  Baseball bats clink outside of Bozorth, the wind shakes awakening tree branches outside of Hawthorn, and green shoots outside of Westby offer a sneak peek of flowers to come.

Spring is traditionally associated with new beginnings.  And much like the start of Fall, or New Year’s Day, the beginning of the season offers new possibilities and a sense of optimism.  Indeed, it is hard not to feel just a little hopeful as the weather warms and days grow longer.

So as the outside beckons, grab a bench and enjoy reading a copy of The Whit, turn on WGLS with the top rolled down, or visit the new art gallery exhibition, “Cosmobilities” (on display from March 25-May 11).   Take advantage of the many opportunities and activities going on at CCCA.  And Happy Spring!