RTF Faculty Member Helps to Save Memories for Families at the Shore

Photo via John Atherton

We’ve all probably had those conversations about what we would grab from home in an emergency, and family photo albums are likely somewhere on the list, though not at the top. But, when push comes to shove and hard choices are made, beloved photographs, that can’t be easily replaced, are often left behind.

Through the efforts of the group CARE (Cherished Album Restoration Effort) for Sandy, cherished family photographs are being restored by volunteers, including Jon Mason, a faculty member in RTF. Prof. Mason works as the volunteer coordinator, bringing together the talents of people all over the United States, and even internationally, to help repair the damage to photos created by the storm.

Check out more about CARE’s work, and find out how to connect with them at CAREforSandy.org or read some coverage of their work in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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