RTF Faculty Member Helps to Save Memories for Families at the Shore

Photo via John Atherton

We’ve all probably had those conversations about what we would grab from home in an emergency, and family photo albums are likely somewhere on the list, though not at the top. But, when push comes to shove and hard choices are made, beloved photographs, that can’t be easily replaced, are often left behind.

Through the efforts of the group CARE (Cherished Album Restoration Effort) for Sandy, cherished family photographs are being restored by volunteers, including Jon Mason, a faculty member in RTF. Prof. Mason works as the volunteer coordinator, bringing together the talents of people all over the United States, and even internationally, to help repair the damage to photos created by the storm.

Check out more about CARE’s work, and find out how to connect with them at CAREforSandy.org or read some coverage of their work in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Restoring the Shore One Shirt at a Time

Rowan CCCA student Derek Koch (Art with a specialization in Graphic Design) is a NJ native with strong connections to the areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy. So, after the storm abated, he used his skills in graphic art and his dedication to the area to design a graphic for relief efforts.

It was a good idea that went viral fast and soon Koch was able to sell his idea to ERGO clothing, a company he had worked for in the past. ERGO started selling the shirts at a rapid clip and has generated over $300,000 for relief efforts so far.

You can check out more about ERGO, and the Restore the Shore initiative on their facebook page. Or, head over to the Rowan Relief page to see more about how Rowan is connecting to Restore the Shore and other relief organizations and efforts.

Finding an Internship is Not Easy, But Possible – A Student Story

~~ Guest post by Delroy Coke, Senior Advertising Major and Member of Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society ~~

On July 5, 2012 ,I was interning at Prudential Fox and Roach as a marketing associate. During my second week of the summer internship, I did not feel any passion towards my job assignment. Therefore, the next day I resigned from the marketing associate internship.

At the same time, I dedicated the next seven to eight weeks of summer to reach out to different advertising agencies, sports and entertainment organizations, and so forth. I looked for any internship openings in the advertising and communications industry. I went to every interview with confidence and maintained a professional poise. Every day, I constantly spent time on the computer checking my e-mail for results from the interviews. However, I was very disappointed that another person with more experience got the job. I had to keep my head high throughout the rejection process and regain my confidence for my next interview.

Throughout my difficult time of finding an internship, I had a strong support system of family and friends who encouraged me to keep researching different job search websites such as Career Builder, Monster, Rowan’s career management center website and so forth. On Monday August 20th, I was hired by Beasley Broadcast Group-Philadelphia in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania for the fall semester.

Currently, I am learning about the radio industry through promotions and production internship. I am receiving plenty of praise and respect from my employers and becoming very passionate about the field. I appreciate the internship opportunity I received. Still, I am determined to find another internship in the advertising and communication industry before I graduate in May 2013.

For any students looking for internships in the communication and creative arts field, take advantage of networking events, job fairs, online job search websites, and student conferences. The two greatest advantages you have during your time at Rowan University are talking to your professors/advisors, being involved in the award-winning communication clubs and organizations on campus, and attending the career management center to help with resumes, portfolios, and guidance.

The best advice I can give was summed up by legendary college basketball head coach Jim Valvano who said, “Don’t Give up, Don’t Ever Give Up!” If I can find an internship through persistence, everyone else can find their perfect internship, too.