Kyle Cassidy and Neil Gaiman Bring the Creative to CCCA

On Friday, March 7th, Rowan University and the College of Communication had the great pleasure of hosting Neil Gaiman and Kyle Cassidy*. It was a remarkable afternoon and evening!

Picture by Craig Terry

Mr. Gaiman and Mr. Cassidy collaborated to teach a master class with Writing Children’s Stories students. They discussed the creative process, collaborative work, making revisions, and more. The students were treated to a series of pictures taken by Mr. Cassidy for the Who Killed Amanda Palmer volume, and the accompanying words penned by (and read to them by) Mr. Gaiman. Students asked many perceptive questions and got patient and thoughtful answers. As the class drew to a close, Mr. Gaiman and Mr. Cassidy continued to chat with students for several minutes before pulling themselves away. It was an amazing session that will leave its mark on the writing of these students.

final_7299In the evening, 870 fans filled Pfleeger Concert Hall for a lecture by Neil Gaiman** as part of the Rowan University President’s Lecture Series. The talk included answers to audience questions, several readings, and discussion of the creative process. Warmly engaging and inspiring, Mr. Gaiman rewarded the attendees with a fabulous combination of humor and inspiration. Highlights included the reading of Orange, discussion of the myth of writer’s block, a wonderful story about Ray Bradbury, and the answer to the all-important question, “What’s up with the beard?” The full house erupted in applause many times throughout the night, and – to no one’s surprise – Mr. Gaiman earned a standing ovation as he left the stage.

You can read more about the day, from Mr. Gaiman’s point of view on his online journal and from Mr. Cassidy’s viewpoint on his blog. In all, it was an amazing afternoon and evening and one that will certainly stay in the minds of those who attended the class and lecture.

* A proud Rowan alumnus! If you don’t know his work, you should. You can check it out at

** Yes, he is just as funny and kind in person as you imagine him to be.

Images by Julie Haynes and Craig Terry


  1. Is there a place to find more images of the Master’s Class event? I know that there were a bunch taken, and I’d really like to see them. I attended the event, and I wouldn’t mind reliving it through the photographs.

    1. Hi, Jennifer.
      There will be eventually, but they aren’t ready yet. Keep your eye out for them in other college publications and messages (and check out Kyle’s blog post if you haven’t yet).

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