Final Exams and Semester Projects – You’ve Got This!

Final exam week creeps up on all of us (students and teachers alike). Before we know it, all of those projects, presentations, and tests are due and we head into a frenzy of work to round out the semester. We’ll all get through it, though it may not seem like it during the crush. To make … Read more

Online Journalism I and II – Valuable Courses for Communication Majors

~~ A guest blog by Samantha Costa and Danielle Tamburilla, Lambda Pi Eta members and College of Communication students ~~ “In the digital age, journalists have to be willing to experiment, to try new things, and to adapt. And you have to do it because you are passionate about it,” says Online Journalism Professor Mark … Read more

Rowan Radio

~~ A guest post by Christina Maxwell, Lambda Pi Eta member and RTF major ~~ If you’re a student of the College of Communication, it’s a good idea to join a club or activity. From the Rowan Television Network to The Whit, Rowan University’s newspaper, there are plenty of choices that provide great opportunities for … Read more