Spring is Springing!

Photo by Alejandro Mallea

The official first day of Spring is March 20, but there are already signs of Spring all around the College of Communication and Creative Arts.  Baseball bats clink outside of Bozorth, the wind shakes awakening tree branches outside of Hawthorn, and green shoots outside of Westby offer a sneak peek of flowers to come.

Spring is traditionally associated with new beginnings.  And much like the start of Fall, or New Year’s Day, the beginning of the season offers new possibilities and a sense of optimism.  Indeed, it is hard not to feel just a little hopeful as the weather warms and days grow longer.

So as the outside beckons, grab a bench and enjoy reading a copy of The Whit, turn on WGLS with the top rolled down, or visit the new art gallery exhibition, “Cosmobilities” (on display from March 25-May 11).   Take advantage of the many opportunities and activities going on at CCCA.  And Happy Spring!

And the Winner is…..

On February 24, 2013, the Academy Awards celebrates its 85th annual ceremony to honor achievements in film.  The Oscars are an exciting time in the College, especially for Cinema Workshop members, who will watch together and apply what they have learned in CCCA classes in evaluating the merits of the nominations.

On April 14th, the College will hold its own ceremony, honoring award winners, scholarship recipients, and outstanding work from students in Art, Communication Studies, Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, Radio/TV/Film, and Writing Arts.  The student showcase will be in the Enyon Ballroom of the Student Center on the Glassboro campus.  We invite you to join us in celebrating our students’ accomplishments.  Please save the date!

We look forward to seeing you in April.