Alive Inside: The Story of Music & Memory

On Monday, October 15th, at 6:30 PM. in Pfleeger Concert Hall, Rowan University will host a screening of the documentary Alive Inside: The Story of Music & Memory. This screening will be followed by a talk with Dan Cohen, director of the Music and Memory organization, and Michael Rossato-Bennett, documentarian and producer of the film.

Based on the research of noted scholars such as Oliver Sacks, Music & Memory, a non-profit organization established in New York City, uses digital music players to bring personalized music to the elderly, as well as other individuals with chronic and severe health challenges. The results, for patients and caregivers, is nothing short of remarkable.

The documentary Alive Inside, tells the story of Music & Memory and gives us a glimpse into the power of music to support understandings of the self and create connections to others.

This event is being sponsored by various units in the University, including the Provost and several colleges. We think it will be extremely interesting and valuable. We invite the entire Rowan community to attend this event and learn about this amazing program.

Click here for a flyer about the event


  1. I am a Behaviour Supports Facilitator with the Elderly and often come across Alzheimers. Would love some more information please!

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