RTF Graduate Sells Script to Warner Bros.

Mark and Jessica Bianculli

Warner Bros. announced this week that they have purchased a script written by Rowan RTF alumnus Mark Bianculli and his writing partner Jeff Richard (B.A. Ohio State, Film Studies).

The planned film, The Waiting, is described as having a tone similar to Rear Window.  The plot focuses around the mysterious events that happen when “two high school filmmakers decide to create the illusion of a haunting on an unsuspecting neighbor” (Fleming, 2012)

Mark is currently a writers’ assistant on Unforgettable (CBS) and worked previously on Justified (FX).

This is quite an accomplishment for two young screenwriters. Congratulations to Mark and Jeff!

(And, if you see Prof. Bianculli on campus, you might give him a congrats, as well.)

Noted Documentarian Ken Burns Visits the College of Communication

Photo: Kristen Vaughn

On Monday, February 13th, Ken Burns visited the College of Communication as part of the Radio/TV/Film program’s Talking Pictures series.  During the small event, attended by RTF students and faculty and staff from the college, Professor David Bianculli and Professor Diana Nicolae interviewed Burns regarding his process.  With his good-natured, thoughtful, and amusing answers, and the brilliant clips from recent and future documentaries, it proved to be a very interesting session for all.  For more information about the visit, check out David Bianculli’s blog post, or Jessica Driscoll’s article from the Gloucester County Times.

Recent Scholarship Awards in the CoC

The Department of Journalism recently held a scholarship essay contest for Journalism majors.  The recipients, announced yesterday, are Kristen Conner, Kevin Gross, Christian Hetrick, and Don Woods.  Each student will receive funds to help support their Rowan education.

These scholarship awards were supported through a gift from a Journalism Department alumnus, Steve Stirling, and the KASTIA Foundation.

WGLS-FM offers scholarships each year to two outstanding juniors who contribute to the success of WGLS-FM. This year’s winners are:

The Salva Family WGLS-FM Scholarship and The Cindy Nannay Scholarship – Allie Volpe
The Friedman Family WGLS-FM Scholarship – Rob Cunningham

These scholarships are supported by Larry Salva and Jerry Friedman

Please join me in congratulating Kristen, Kevin, Christian, Don, Allie, and Rob for their accomplishments, and thanking Steve, Larry, Jerry, and the KASTIA Foundation for their support.