Communication 2.0: The Age of Social Media

~ A guest blog by Isaac Katz College of Communication student and Lambda Pi Eta member ~ Since the dawn of the printing press, communication as we know it has gone through different eras. In the mid-1400’s, it was that press which brought messages to the rich, and later, newspaper taught the poor to read. […]

Twitter and Organizational Communication

~ A Guest Blog by Stephanie Lutz College of Communication student and member of Lambda Pi Eta ~ Social Media has become a way of life for most of mainstream society which were once limited to “extreme” users are now a daily activity for many individuals. The explosion of something on the Internet is rapid […]

Erich Maria Remarque Bio-Pic Screening

On Thursday, November 18, the Department of Radio/TV/Film, the College of Communication, and the International Center sponsored the first U.S. screening of a film documentary of the life of writer Erich Maria Remarque.  The film, made for German television and the brainchild of Dr. Wolfgang Becker, documents the early years of Remarque’s life (1898-1970) from […]