Banned Books Week – Sept 26th to Oct 3rd

I blogged about this early in the summer, but since this is Banned Books Week, I thought I would repeat some of that post today. As communication scholars, we take the right to free speech pretty seriously, and that includes the issue of censorship.  While we often confuse acts involving private companies (e.g. an online […]

Communicating with Students and Parents – An Exercise in Perspective Taking

In an article recently published in the Chronicle of Higher Education (Sept 21, 2009), author Steve Cohen reports on a study of 1,100 college bound high school seniors, conducted for   Cohen’s study examined the decision making process regarding collegiate education and the factors that impact that process.  Some of the results weren’t particularly […]

Participatory Media in Communication Courses – It's a Brand New Day

You know, back when I was in college (go ahead, roll your eyes, it’s ok, my kids do it all the time), I had to go to every class, find articles by going to the library and waking through the stacks and then photocopying what I needed; print all of my assignments on paper, and […]