Request for Blog Entries

When I was growing up, one of my mother’s fondest ways of encouraging activity (on our part or hers) was to say “These dishes won’t wash themselves.”  Of course, “dishes” and “wash” were completely replaceable with other word sets like floor/mop, flower/plant, dinner/cook, bills/pay, paper/write.  Now, in honor of my mother, I say “This blog […]

The Hunt is On! – Job Search Planning and Strategies for Students

As the end of the spring semester approaches, many students are searching for jobs, either for the summer or post-graduation. In this post, I provide some basic job search recommendations to Rowan students and alumni. Define Your Goals – The first step in securing a job is to decide what it is you want, both […]

College of Communication Colloquium Report

On April 27th, the CoC hosted a faculty/staff colloquium regarding “new media.”  Organized by Associate Dean Janice Rowan, the event involved six panelists from the college: Dr. Bill Wolff, Dr. Maria Simone, Dr. Ed Moore, Dr. Chandrasekhar Vallath, Dr. Joe Bierman, and Prof. Mark Berkey-Gerard.  Dr. Carl Hausman served as the M.C. for the session. […]